Viproxy® – integrated gas valves for oxygen therapy

Viproxy® is a brand of the Cavagna Group dedicated to medical oxygen valves with integrated pressure regulators.
The Viproxy® design concept has significantly innovated the management system of compressed gases for medical use, first and foremost oxygen.

Viproxy i-1touch | digital gas valves for oxygen therapy

Viproxy® i-1Touch

digital gas valves for oxygen therapy

Viproxy® 1Touch - all-in-one solution for oxygen therapy

Viproxy® 1Touch

integrated gas valve for oxygen therapy

Viproxy® - gas valves for oxygen cylinders


gas valves for oxygen therapy

Valve with integrated pressure regulator

The compact design combines a valve and pressure regulator. This guarantees simplicity and speed of use in many scenarios where the use of medical oxygen is essential. Whether it is used for home oxygen therapy, first aid in ambulances or treatment in hospitals, the Viproxy® integrated system is safe, efficient and functional.

With the Viproxy® line, the Cavagna Group stands by healthcare professionals and patients, offering wide a range of valves suitable for oxygen administration. Cavagna Group is there where it counts.


Viproxy® for HOME CARE

The user-friendly features and smart design of the Viproxy® valves make a real difference, especially when used at home. Their lightness and compactness play a key role for all of those patients who are provided with oxygen therapy at home.


Cavagna Group has been manufacturing compressed gas solutions for the healthcare sector for over 70 years. The entire Viproxy® line offers a high quality of materials and innovative technology systems in order to ensure a simplified oxygen supply especially in emergency situations when life support is concerned.

Viproxy® for FIRST AID

The Viproxy® line has quickly become the first-choice system for various uses, including hospital emergencies and first aid in ambulance. Their portability and durability are a great help to healthcare professionals in the management of first aid logistics.


Medical gases supplementation is used in various branches of medicine. The most used mixtures are: oxygen, air and oxygen helium mixture, nitrous oxide mixture. The latter, known as laughing gas, is mostly used as a dental sedation method for those patients with dental anxiety.


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Viproxy® - Cavagna Group

About Cavagna Group®

Delivering high performance gas equipment where it is needed most has always been a pillar of the Cavagna Group. For over 70 years, Cavagna Group has been operating globally, developing and manufacturing medical valves and regulators for the healthcare industry. The Viproxy® medical valves have been designed to offer safe, reliable and multipurpose solutions to hospitals, homecare services, and clinics.

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